A Little Background

May 11, 2009

soiaf_hd1I can’t really remember the books that I devoured prior to Beverly Cleary’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle early on in grade school, but I’m fairly sure that upon closing the cover that I was well aware of the sheer joy reading could bring to one’s life.  I knew that a boatload of adventures awaited me and that I was going to be on board.  I wolfed down the sequel and anything by Cleary & Co. that I could find during those formulative years and I’ve been a veracious reader ever since.  From comics, to horror, to fantasy and mystery I reckon that I enjoyed it all to one degree or another and recalling those summer trips to the public  library still brings a smile to my face so many years after the fact.

Well, at or around the age of 15 I started to ask some of those serious questions about life and for a number of years there I put the novels away to focus primarily on religious matters, particularly as I was prepared to serve a church mission.   Into my twenties I was reading history and religious commentaries almost exclusively, and while I revel in it and even found a love of teaching and history in the process (I’m currently pursuing a History degree) I decided  somewhere along the line that it would be fun to return to fantastic settings once more so for the last several years I’ve enjoyed dipping my toes back into C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, MacDonald’s Realms, Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, Rowling’s Hogwarts and most recently Robert Jordan’s Westlands, Orson Scott Card’s Battleroom and George R. R. Martin’s Land of the North.

I’m having a blast, and here’s what I’m enjoying this month:

A Game of Thrones (George R. R. Martin)

Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)

Frankenstein (Dean Koontz)



  1. Ah, Ender’s Game. I should read it again. Have you read Ender’s Shadow? I really liked that one as well. I haven’t read any of the other sequels because a friend recommended I didn’t. But he recommended that to me in 10th grade, I wonder if he still feels the same.

    • Hey Jake, I’m afraid that this is my first go around with Ender’s Game and that I’ve not read anything else in the series beyond it. However, I remedied that today with the “rewards” I mentioned in today’s post. Got the Ender’s Quartet and I can’t wait to enjoy those as well.

      I hear nothing but good things about ‘Speaker for the Dead,’ for example, so given the price of a used paperback I say you can’t lose.

      Thanks for chiming in.

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