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Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Warbreaker’ arrives June 9th

June 1, 2009

Warbreaker“Why, Vasher thought, do so many things begin with me getting thrown into prison?”

And with that, a friendly reminder that Brandon Sanderson’s latest novel, Warbreaker will be released in hardcover from Tor Books on June 9th, weighing in at 592 pages and retailing for $27.95 (with plenty of online discounts available).

A stand alone novel, Warbreaker follows the story of two princesses: Vivenna and Siri, a God King; Lightsong, the god of  bravery, and Vasher the Warbreaker, all of whom face challenges particular to their stations who must overcome them using a unique magic capable of both good and bad that’s drawn drawn from breath, and the colors that surround us.

But don’t take my word for it, Warbreaker was released as a free book online to anyone that wished to read it as something of an experiment to see how readers responded, and is available still in various formats, including a “slick” .pdf file available here.  Sanderson felt that releasing an online version of the book would actually serve to expand his profile, excite readers and lead to just as many sales as releasing it sight unseen ultimately would, so let’s prove him right and pick up the book when you have the means to do so! If interested in a signed/numbered copy, here’s how to obtain one via Brandon Sanderson’s blog:

All right! I’ve finally got news on the release of Warbreaker this June. The official date is indeed June 9th, a Tuesday. Like last year, there will be two ways to get yourself a signed/numbered copy. Though first off, I do want to give a shout out to your local booksellers. People often ask me what helps me the most when buying a book. Well, that really shouldn’t be a concern of yours–mostly, I just want you to enjoy the book in whatever form you like.

But if you do think about these things, the best way you can support the book is to buy it opening week at your local bookseller. First week sales are a huge indicator for booksellers of how well a book is going to do, and everyone is expecting a lot from this book, considering the reviews and the success of the Mistborn books. (I hope not to let them down; I still do worry that a stand-alone book I gave away for free on my website won’t have the draw of the highly-anticipated third book of a trilogy. Fingers crossed!)

Anyway, here are the ways to get yourself a numbered copy:

1) Come to the release party at the BYU Bookstore.
2) Order a copy through Sam Weller’s, Salt Lake’s long time independent bookseller.

We’ll be changing how things work in both cases, hopefully for the better. If you came to the BYU event last year and were daunted by the long line, know that we’ll be taking steps to fix that. And if you got your Sam Weller book a little bit later than you would have wished, we’re working on that too. So, read below in the separate sections for detailed information on how each method is going to work.

Look for more on what I thought of Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker here, hopefully, in the not too distant future.