Listen to Neil Gaiman’s Audie Winning ‘The Graveyard Book’

June 4, 2009

neil-gaiman_lNow I don’t necessarily plan to post news updates such as this in a regular manner, but I did want to take a moment as something of a follow-up to my recent entry on audio books to send a hearty congratulations to Mr. Gaiman on winning “Audio book of the Year” for The Graveyard Book in the 2009 Audie Awards, where he also walked away with a victory in the Children Ages 8-12 category.  I realize that I’m a few days late to the party but I have great respect for Gaiman’s wit and craft and wanted to make sure I expressed a few congratulatory words as it’s clear that each of the awards he received Friday evening really meant something to him on a personal level, given his well known appreciation for the medium, and it’s always gratifying to see someone accept an accolade so sincerely.  See if you manage to miss the level of excitement:

I went up on stage and babbled a bit, and thanked Michael Conroy (my director) and Lance Neal (editor and production) and Ana Maria Alessi (awesome publisher of Audio and digital at Harpers) and should have thanked Bela Fleck, who read on this blog that I wanted a version of Danse Macabre with banjo in it and promptly did the amazing one that’s on the Audiobook for us, and completely forgot to thank Merrilee my agent who was there in the audience glowing with agently pride. Then stumbled off to dinner with friends and was delighted.  People ask whether winning awards means anything when you’ve already won some, and sometimes it means more and sometimes it means less. But The Graveyard Book winning Audiobook of the Year means more than I can say.

The Graveyard Book_R1Neil links to the first chapter of the book for anyone that would like to hear his reading. Or the entire book for that matter on his website for younger readers.

I’ve taken a moment to listen, banjos and all, and the audio version is definitely how I think I’ll treat myself to The Graveyard Book.  Might be the perfect book to listen to on the long flight overseas next week in fact…


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