Tron Legacy

July 27, 2009


After spending a couple of days relaxing in a quiet little town down I-35 in central Texas at weeks end, I spent a few minutes online Sunday afternoon checking up on some of the stuff I missed over the weekend, and in doing so I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the trailer that was unveiled at SDCC ’09 for Tron Legacy. Like the majority of young folk who grew up with the original Tron, it was one of those movies that completely blew my mind and helped define a childhood spent chucking frisbee’s while¬† pretending I was good ‘ol Tron himself. Well, geeking out a little bit my fiancee asked what I was watching and after explaining a little about the original and how cool the light cycles were to us kids, seemingly impressed by the trailer which heavily features the cycles, she stood back and matter of factly replied: ‘I can see why.’

Well, apparently the Mouse knows how much we want to see these in action again and, upping the anty a bit, they released this awesome trailer. And while I’m always a little cautious about properties I’ve enjoyed so much over the years being revisited, I’ve got a lot of faith in the creative team, the actors, and am really looking forward to experiencing this!

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