Also, The Shadow of the Wind

July 29, 2009

shadow of the windOnce more it appears that I am unable to keep my reading list trim, or perhaps I’m just a glutton for punishment, because after all the praise I’ve heard for The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon I felt compelled to purchase the book yesterday and before I knew it found myself about 3 chapters into the story.

The novel follows a young boy named Daniel living in Barcelona following the Spanish Civil War who, still reeling from his mother’s loss some years prior, finds solace in his his books, his father and her memory. One early morning, following an episode where Daniel realizes in terror that he can no longer remember his mothers face, Daniels father resolves to take him to a secret Cemetary of Forgotten Books, a vast place where he and a small group of friends preserve tomes that have brought much joy to man but that now lay forgotten to time. There he is instructed that as a future caretaker, and  according to tradition, he is to select a book that he will care for and call his own. Winding through it’s winding corridors Daniel happens upon a book entitled The Shadow of the Wind by Julián Carax and soon finds himself on a journey to discover more about the author that wrote it, and the mysteries surrounding why it may be the sole surviving copy.

Thus far the book is beautifully written, dripping with old world flavor befitting its setting, and is ever bit as captivating as I’ve heard. Stay tuned for a full review in the weeks to come.



  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    • Thanks Ben, just finished up Ch. 13 and it’s definitely a real joy so far!

  2. I am glad to know that you also
    enjoyed it.
    When my friend told me that this book is awesome,
    I hurriedly rushed into the bookstore and
    I found myself finishing it for three days!

    I never regret it! This is reallt my favorite masterpiece ever!
    Thumbs up for Carlos Ruiz Zafon!!

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing that Anne, I really did enjoy The Shadow of the Wind and you should be able to find the full review in the archives should you feel so inclined.

      Have you tracked down The Angel’s Game yet by any chance?

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