A Reading Update…

September 8, 2009

NE_2You’ll have to put up with me for a little while here as for the next few months my face is going to be firmly planted in textbooks where instead of marveling at the exploits of swashbuckling heroes in the realm of fiction I’m going to be knee deep in the ancient Near East, exploring the city-state of Uruk and diving into Mesopotamia — which really isn’t a bad deal given my love for the stuff. Still, just wanted to let you know where my focus would be now that school has begun.  That said, I’ll still be around and should have a few things worth sharing along the way, so stay tuned friend.



  1. As a Mesopotamian-American I’m anxious to read about your insights and thoughts gained from reading “A History of the Ancient Near East.”

    • Glad to see you found your way here Jake and while I would never have guessed you were a “Mesopotamian-American,” I’m glad to hear it and will happily share a few of my humble thoughts along the way. I’m currently studying the Sumerians and have a long essay in which I’ll be asked to provide my take on where they came from, or if it’s my belief that they were native to Mesopotamia.

      I’ve been fascinated with the Near East since my early twenties (Abraham & Egypt launched my imagination there) and jumped at the chance to take this course at the University.

      If I can ask, what parts do your ancestors hail from?

  2. Well, they started out farming in the fertile crescent around 4100 bc. By about 700 bc. most of my ancestors had migrated to Europe and then around 100-50 bc to Britain. Though a few ancestors stayed in Europe. Eventually, they all ended up in Britain by 1700-1800 ad and then migrated to the Americas in the years between then and now. But I don’t count all that moving around for the last 5 millenia. As far as I’m concerned I’m Mesopotamian-American.

    Ok, sorry I’m being cheeky, it’s just too much fun.

    • Wow, you’ve really got that genealogy back a few years don’t you?

      Ha, it’s my own fault, I should’ve realized the potential for cheekiness I created in my reply…

      Heck, I’m Western Isles-American!

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