“Snow Days!”

January 7, 2010

Or, sorry Mr. Gore, I ain’t buyin’ it. ; )

North Texas has enjoyed several snow days this winter, with our first “White Christmas” in over 2 decades, and I woke up this morning with the surprise news that the University was closed for the day due to the ice and treacherous conditions on the road (one freeway was closed with cars waiting over 2 hours to move). That will halt my enjoyment of Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris for a few days as the weekend approaches, but I look forward to firing it up again Monday morning as I’m really enjoying it, about 6-chapters in!

For today then? I spent a good 2-3 hours this morning leveling up my characters and moving forward in Persona 3:FES (PS2; a game that I love but that I’ve had to put on hold for months now), I’ve got a date with my wife to enjoy my snow day off to the fullest, and hopefully I’ll spend more than a few hours with the game again this evening (as I’ve got the day off tomorrow as it is and don’t need to hit the hay early). Sounds like a pretty good way to spend some time indoors today if I do say so myself. After all the hub-bub this winter, we can sure use the down time!



  1. Ya ya Persona 3! Absolutely one of my favourite games.

  2. I seem to remember your enthusiasm about the Persona games somewhere along the line Aidan. It seems I’m making a real slow go of it, but am enjoying it immensely. I’m actually hoping that the recently announced portable version will help me get through the game a little faster given that I can take it with me and ‘grind on the go.’

    Great game, and I can’t wait to fire up P4! Better late than never.

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