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The “Making Of” The Legend of Steel Bashaw

June 30, 2010

Petar Meseldžija’s adaption of the famous Serbian folk-tale Baš Čelik, entitled The Legend of Steel Bashaw will hit store shelves this August and as Flesk Publications reports, we’ll be gifted with an additional 20-pages of some of the “making of” material produced in the “15-year” process of bringing the tale to U.S. audiences.

Meseldžija is a master illustrator, and a heck of a nice guy (discernible enough through the brief correspondence I’ve had with him) so please don’t miss out on this one. It isn’t everyday we get a Serbian folk-tale crafted with such obvious care, and with the production values to match — always a trademark of Flesk’s productions.

For those who may be hearing about The Legend of the Steel Bashaw for the first time, please check out Flesk Publications for more information, or my previous entry here in March.