Oh Great, More Books to Read…

November 24, 2010

I have to thank Aidan at a A Dribble of Ink for hosting his Brandon Sanderson interview on the eve of the release of Towers of Midnight and for inadvertently pointing me to an author I need to be reading thanks to his penchant for asking his interviewees which creators they’d recommend readers check out.

Well, Sanderson mentioned Dan Wells in his answer, and while I’ve actually listened to Dan Well’s podcast series “Writing Excuses” (good fun), and have heard great things about the book,  I’ve yet to pick up his novel I Am Not A Serial Killer (funds, I need ’em!). I will definitely have to make it a point to do that because if Dan Wells’ real life wit finds its way into the book to any degree, I know it’ll be a good read. And I hear the unique narration of the stories protagonist is a selling point for the book so I look forward to seeing how Wells incorporates that voice as well.

Anyone have any experiences with Dan Well’s books to share? Any other authors whose work I should pick up while I’m dolling out yet more money for books (which is admittedly not nearly as painful as I make it sound)?



  1. I’ve heard good things about Dan Wells before; that book isn’t necessarily on ‘the list’ but has been in the back of my mind. Terry Weyna at readingtheleaves.com did a review when it came out and she has yet to lead me astray on a recommendation.

    Okay, fine. Since you mentioned the book and put it in the forefront on my mind, it’s on the list.

    • Glad to hear it’s on “the list” Chad. Please do me a favor and shoot me a line to briefly let me know what you thought if you end up reading it before I do.

      As always, thanks for chiming in!

  2. This is an inspired read–in the cold dark of winter, a small town, a teen with very unusual ‘growing pains’, and bloody death revealing it self drop by drop on the frozen streets of the ‘burbs’ . . . You will absolutely, pee-in-your-pants, love it!

    (and it has a sequel out, ‘Mr. Monster’)

    • Thanks for the build up Penny, I look forward to it, and and additional thanks for stopping by!

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