David Peterson’s Tribute to Brian Jacques

February 8, 2011

I’m very sorry to hear of Brian Jacques passing, and I thought David Peterson’s (of Mouse Guard fame) piece here was a poignant tribute.

From Peterson:

Today’s blogpost comes a day early to mark the passing of Brian Jacques, author of the wonderful children’s series of Redwal novels. The series focuses on the medieval goings on of generations of animals who live in and around Redwall Abbey. Mr. Jacques was the lead torch holder in keeping anthropomorphic characters alive and prospering after such other greats as Aesop, Rudyard Kipling, & Kenneth Grahame.

My niece just began reading the Redwall series so his legacy of bringing joy to children and adults alike will certainly live on.

[Image source at David Peterson’s blog.]


  1. I wanted to thank you for your post. Brian Jacques, is and will always be my hero. He has been a great encouragement to me in my own writtings and though I am still very amiture in both spelling and grammar, I love the influence his life has left me, other kids my age and even my two little sisters as i read redwall to them at night. This was a very nice post and I would love to continue following this blog.

    • It was my pleasure Rhett, and I’m glad to hear Brian Jaques meant so much to you and your family.

      Thanks for commenting.

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