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Down the Mysterly River by Bill Willingham

April 15, 2010

Tor announced Down the Mysterly River by Bill Willingham in early January, but in the case there are a few Willingham and Fables fans lurking about that may have missed out on the news (like yours truly) I wanted to post the following as we await future announcements, including its release date:

‘We are thrilled to be publishing the very talented Bill Willingham in our Starscape imprint. Bill’s first middle grade prose novel, Down the Mysterly River, is a spirited, by turns harrowing, occasionally laugh-out-loud, highly original fantasy that we are confident will enjoy every bit of success as his hugely popular Fables series’ says Kathleen Doherty, Publisher of Starscape/Tor Teen/Tor Kids.

Down the Misterly River was actually first published in 2001 by Clockwork Storybook, and has remained sadly out of print until the announcement that Tor/Starscape had picked it up. Not a lot has been revealed about the book directly from the publisher, but for anyone interested in learning a little more, here’s how the original back cover blurb described the story:

As odd a collection of fugitives as there ever was: a wolf who is not a wolf; a badger who is also an ex-army veteran; the brave sheriff of  a lost forest realm; and a big, ugly, stinky, yellow monster. Together they’re on the run from the dreaded Blue Cutters, who seem bent on their destruction. To escape the Cutters, the four friends will have to flee out of the hills and down the Mysterly River, to reach the one far away place of safety the Cutters aren’t allowed to go: the castle of the Wizard Edgar.

In his Heroes Wood, Bill Willingham has created an enchanting new land of magic and adventure that might lie just down the river from Toad Hall, down the road from Narnia, or over the hill from the Hundred Acre Wood. Willingham gives us deadly sword fights, narrow escapes, lethal traps, surprising betrayals, and all the other necessary elements of a thrilling adventure tale. But at its heart this is also a mystery story, and if the four fugitives can’t first solve the mystery of the Heroes Wood they may never live to reach sanctuary.

I know I was interested in learning more about the tale so there, at least, is an insight into what’s to come for anyone else that’s interested in the project. I imagine that Starscape will find ways to add a little hoopla of their own to the new edition of the book so as soon as more info. is available, and I hear wind of it, I’ll happily post it here.