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Xenozoic by Mark Schultz

October 14, 2010

“Welcome to the Xenozoic Age, a post-apocalyptic landscape where dinosaurs roam freely…and humanity is the endangered species!”

While we patiently await future Xenozoic Tales (& Hannah Dundee!) from the legendary Mark Schultz, here’s a new collection of the classic series for fans to pick up this November. I’ve got these in comic form, and Dark Horse’s previous TPB collections and still I’m mulling this one over, if to have the entire story in one collection, complimented by Flesk’s high production values. They never cease to impress.

Here’s Flesk’s solicitation information:

“What strange new world, to have such creatures in it!”

Forced into hiding by a global ecological cataclysm, humans emerge from their underground warrens half a millennium later to discover that the Earth has been totally transformed. All of the familiar flora and fauna are gone, replaced by a radically altered natural order populated by rampaging dinosaurs and strange, new creatures. It takes guts, grim determination, ingenuity and a whole lot of old-fashioned luck just to survive, much less thrive, in this alien wilderness—all qualities that ace mechanic Jack Tenrec, lovely scientist Hannah Dundee and their friends possess in abundance.

But even the worthiest of these hardy souls are hard-pressed to surmount the obstacles presented by their new homeland. And when those trials are further compounded by the underhanded and selfish actions of the cutthroat human scavengers they encounter, even the best equipped and bravest among them might not endure.

Xenozoic combines lush and richly realized ink-and-brush artwork with a pulp-fueled narrative to create an action-packed fantasy—an unrelenting adventure that also serves as a subtle cautionary fable concerning the unforeseen consequences that shortsighted present-day decisions might have upon future generations.

Order  info:

Xenozoic by Mark Schultz

introduction by Craig Elliott

352 pages, 8.5 x 11 in.

black and white

ISBN: 978-1-933865-31-7


Pre-orders are available now at Flesk Publications.


The “Making Of” The Legend of Steel Bashaw

June 30, 2010

Petar Meseldžija’s adaption of the famous Serbian folk-tale Baš Čelik, entitled The Legend of Steel Bashaw will hit store shelves this August and as Flesk Publications reports, we’ll be gifted with an additional 20-pages of some of the “making of” material produced in the “15-year” process of bringing the tale to U.S. audiences.

Meseldžija is a master illustrator, and a heck of a nice guy (discernible enough through the brief correspondence I’ve had with him) so please don’t miss out on this one. It isn’t everyday we get a Serbian folk-tale crafted with such obvious care, and with the production values to match — always a trademark of Flesk’s productions.

For those who may be hearing about The Legend of the Steel Bashaw for the first time, please check out Flesk Publications for more information, or my previous entry here in March.


The Legend of Steel Bashaw by Petar Meseldžija

March 31, 2010

I was surprised this morning by a bit of news in my inbox from my friends over at Flesk Publications, and thought I’d best do what I could in spreading the word about Petar Meseldžija’s forthcoming adaption of of the Serbian folktale Baš Čelik, entitled The Legend of Steel Bashaw. The synopsis that follows will tell you what you can expect from the story, but it’s worth knowing that it will also be accompanied by over 60 of Meseldžija’s superb illustrations.

This is one of those projects that excites both the reader and history major in me — given that it’s a folktale that we’re not nearly as familiar with here in the west, produced by an author/illustrator extremely knowledgeable in the source material itself. A rare opportunity indeed, so you can consider this pre-ordered.

A contemporary retelling of this classic Serbian folktale!

By Petar Meseldžija

Over 60 illustrations
64 pages, 9 x 12”

ISBN: 978-1-933865-30-0


On the edge of a forest as old as the mountains, they still tell a tale deep into the night…

The Legend of Steel Bashaw is Petar Meseldžija’s adaption of Baš Čelik. A folktale he first heard as a boy, it was given nightly life by Serbian storytellers illuminated by fireplaces and burning lamps.
Built from the same impossible truths that the ancients used to craft all myths, this tale concerns itself with a kidnapped princess, the deeds of a heroic prince, battles lost or won, death and redemption. As with all the best stories, it also traverses lands real and imagined, ranging from the primeval forests of the Balkans to the kingdoms of the dragons and beyond.

But unlike most tellers of legends, Meseldžija knows there is a truth underlying this oft-told tale. He grew up with it and once held crumbling proof of that truth in his hands. It’s that experience which provided him with the main inspiration for this book, and it’s that same certain knowledge which informs every word and image in The Legend of Steel Bashaw.

Meseldžija has crafted a tale as vital as Beowulf, Homer’s Odyssey and the other great stories. His paintings bring his characters and their worlds to vivid life. The Legend of Steel Bashaw is his gift to the world, and it is a masterpiece.

This looks to be something very special, and at $19.95 I’d reckon you won’t want to miss it, in what I’d imagine is a fairly limited print run. Be on the lookout for it this August.