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Raymond Swanland at Dark Horse

July 19, 2010

Raymond Swanland has drawn a good measure of critical acclaim to himself for his illustrated covers of Glen Cook’s Bad Company series, as well as several other fantasy tomes in recent years, and I wanted to make sure that fans of his work didn’t miss out on what he’s been busy doing over at Dark Horse Comics, where he’s been working on covers for Aliens vs. Predators and most recently, Jim Shooter’s Magnus, Robot Fighter and Turok, Son of Stone. Those ol’ Gold Key characters are fascinating properties in their own right so be sure to check them out, particular with author Jim Shooter at the helm!

Here’s more about the premiere issue of Turok, Son of Stone and it’s bonus story From DHC:

Turok, wandering warrior from a far land, rescues Andar, son of a Chiricahua chief, from the ruthless King Maxtla and his Aztec horde. Pursued into a vast cavern, prey and predators are swept away by an unimaginable force to a savage, timeless land of nightmares and miracles, where dinosaurs thunder and rampage. Beset by bloodthirsty enemies and beasts, Turok and Andar encounter an even deadlier threat—the fearsome Panther People and their mesmerizing goddess, Aasta.

Turok, Son of Stone returns, reimagined by legendary writer Jim Shooter and illustrated by hot new talent Eduardo Francisco (Victory, Executive Assistant: IRIS).

• 48-page first issue, includes the very first Turok story from 1954!