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Usagi Yojimbo: 2-Part “Taiko” Story in November

August 11, 2010

The Japanese word for the day is “Taiko,” meaning  “drum.”

But seriously, just a friendly reminder about the upcoming “Taiko” storyline for anyone following Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo (as I know some of you are) or for those looking for a good place to jump on board:

USAGI YOJIMBO #132 and #133: TAIKO Parts 1 and 2

Stan Sakai (W/A)
On sale Oct 27
b&w, 24 pages

These issues form both halves of “Taiko,” a special double-issue story line. A group of drought-stricken farmers commission an enormous taiko drum to show their devotion to the gods, and pray for rain. But the bloodthirsty Red Scorpion Gang threatens to destroy the drum unless the farmers pay up, so the farmers must turn to rabbit ronin Usagi to protect the drum, lest they face starvation from drought! When the Red Scorpion Gang burns down the farmers’ temple and the drum is in jeopardy, Usagi must figure out how to rescue it and fight the Red Scorpions at the same time, or all is lost!

• Special double-issue story line makes a great introduction to Usagi Yojimbo for new readers!

• Issue #123 of this Eisner Award-winning series was nominated for the 2010 Eisner for Best Single Issue!